Syndicated Column from David Grainger, Guild of Automotive Restorers. Appeared in:

  • The Edmonton Journal, December 15, 2009 (circ.: 593,634)
  • Calgary Herald, December 11, 2009 (circ.: 114,161)
  • National Post, November 20, 2009 (circ.: 150,884 / visits per month: 425,000)
  • (visits per month: 2,000,000)
  • Montreal Gazette (circ.: 147,000)
  • Regina Leader-Post (circ.: 590,000)
  • The Star Phoenix (circ.: 480,000)

“Hot Rod Body and Chassis Builders Guide covers almost everything one might need to know about building hotrods, but it also has applications for anyone restoring an antique or classic car or even someone trying to save a little money doing rust repairs on the old daily driver. The book is well illustrated, the photographs are clear and the descriptions concise. Too often, how-to books can be a little confusing as the authors forget they might know the subject intimately but their audience might not. This can lead to some pretty big gaps in the "how" part of the how to. I also liked the sections describing the various tools and machines that can be used, which also outlined the way they are operated.”, December 2, 2009 (40,000 visits/month)

“Although this is typical of all the how-to books, you have to appreciate that full-on experts don’t read how to books: they write them. This is for someone like me who says,"Oh, that’s how you should do that” and maybe the info can be tucked away for some later attempt at craft! A surprisingly decent look at a wide variety of treatments, some applicable to ‘trad hot rods and customs’ , others not.”

Hemmings Weekly Newsletter (90,000 subscribers)
“Hot rodders, in a way, are like kit-car builders: They both harbor strong inclinations to build their cars from disparate components rather than simply take a car apart, restore it, then put it back together again. To help navigate the muddy waters of that ground-up endeavor, Dennis Parks’s latest book, Hot Rod Body and Chassis Builder’s Guide, covers many of the things a budding hot rodder needs to know before starting his first from-scratch build. In it, you’ll find instructions on building a chassis from reproduction frame rails, on installing patch panels in rusty bodies, on working with reproduction fiberglass bodies, on working with metalshaping tools, and on applying paint.  Parks has put together a good primer for people new to the hobby who are considering a full hot rod build.”