Hot Rod Projects

Believe it or not, this 1929 Ford Model A is the first car I ever owned. OK, it wasn't the first vehicle that I owned or drove, but it is the first passenger car. All the vehicles before (and most since) have all been pickup trucks.

In order of appearance, I have owned the following vehicles: 1957 GMC pickup, 1976 Chevy pickup, 1982 Chevy pickup (my first new vehicle), 1929 Ford Model A Tudor sedan (my first car), 1990 Chevy S-10 pickup, 1951 Chevy pickup (I rebuilt it from the frame up), 1991 Chevy pickup, 2002 Chevy pickup (my second new vehicle, paid cash since I sold the Model A), 1955 Chevy pickup (still own), 1927 Ford Track T roadster, 2008 Chevy Silverado pickup (only my third new vehicle, had it lowered), a 1968 Chevy C10, and now a 2014 Chevy Silverado four wheel drive.

I still own the '55 Chevy truck and have been collecting parts for it. I now have the front and rear suspension (Heidt's) installed. Then I'll be addressing the bodywork, as the truck needs a few patch panels. Watch for the buildup of this truck on this website. The Omaha Orange on the wheels will also be the body color of the truck.

Eventually a smallblock Chevrolet engine will be in place between the front frame rails. However, I have not yet decided between a Turbo 350 or a 700R4 tranny.

Out back is a Ford nine-inch rearend, located by a Heidt's four link rear. A set of coilovers still need to be purchased and installed.

Stance is everything in a hot rod. The big rear tires improve the stance substantially. Plain taxi hub caps will be installed eventually.

New doors, front fenders, and hood are part of the build plan.

Fresh from the sandblaster, the cab is in decent shape. Multiple patch panels to add, but at least fairly straight.

Currently in epoxy primer, awaiting a date with several Dynacorn patch panels and a Miller MIG welder.

Let the disassembly and welding begin.

Uncle Ed removing spot welds from the door step area.

One side of the floor mostly finished being welded in place.

After just a few days of working on installing patch panels, I realized that I had bitten off more than I could chew. So, I took the truck to Bad Paint Company in Ottawa, Kansas. My best friend Roger Ward and Todd Brown made quick work of replacing the back panel, floor panels, rocker panels, dash, and a slew of other smaller, yet more intricate parts.

Todd and Roger replaced most of the back panel, making the splices where they would be easier to conceal. They also hung the new doors.

I'll get plenty of welding practice just welding up the holes in the firewall.

Although it still requires some minor work, the dash looks significantly better than it did.

Next was a trip to Morfab Customs in Washington, Missouri. Keith Moritz installed the motor mounts and fabricated the transmission crossmember.

Lookin' better.

After taking the frame to Chris Riedel in High Ridge, Missouri for sandblasting, I sprayed everything in epoxy primer.

Just to make it look a little better, I sprayed the frame with black filler primer before reassembly.

The chassis is just waiting to have the cab reinstalled and then it can go back into the garage.


I also hope to build a highboy 1933 Ford three window coupe eventually. Something like the following would be ideal.

Click on the following thumbnails to learn a bit about my hot rod projects, past and present.

The following collage was a project for a recent college class. It covers some of the high points of my journalism career.

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