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A second edition of my book The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair is in stores now.

Building a '27 Ford Track T roadster in my own
garage was documented in my book,
How To Build a Cheap Hot Rod

You know you make great parts, but do you know how to photograph them and write instructions for them so that complete strangers will buy from you? Leave that to us. We don't make parts, but we can photograph them and tell people how to install them.

Although I did not do ALL of the work, I did perform most
of it on my Track T project.

While I admittedly didn't have the bodywork and
painting completed on my Track T in time to include it in How to Build a Cheap Hot Rod, I did finish that work and documented it in Hot Rod Body and Chassis Builder's Guide.

How can you sell parts if you don't have a catalog?

In addition to writing books and magazine articles, I also do product photography, write installation and operation instructions, and do catalog layout and design. So, if you
manufacture a product, I can be your one-stop source for product photos, press releases, installation instructions, and
catalog design. For more information, contact me via e-mail.

My magazine writing and photography experience currently spans more than a quarter century. My photography and writing is mostly of hot rods and pickup trucks. Just some of the magazines my work has appeared  in are STREET RODDER, ROD &
and HOT ROD.


Although I have tinkered around with body work and spraying primer on several occasions, the Track T was my first complete paint job. It was certainly a learning experience, but overall, I think it turned out okay. Not perfect by any means, but I can do better the next time.

One of the car features that I shot specifically for ROD & CUSTOM was a 1932 Ford coupe that was build by legendary hot rodder, Tom Prufer. The same car also ended up on the cover of my book, How To Build a Hot Rod.

A single color paint job would most likely have
been easier, but a Track T just begs for scallops.

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